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    Disquiet EP

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  3. Hound Dog Taylor's Hand

  4. Live at the Clock-Out

  5. L.H.O.O.Q. EP

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    Inheritance Powder EP

  7. Hound Dog Taylor's Hand

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    HDTH 2016 EP

  9. HDTH Live at the Comet

  10. Radio Minos [soundtrack]

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Hound Dog Taylor's Hand image

Hound Dog Taylor's Hand Seattle, Washington

purveyors of the Avant-Primitive

Taking its name from the six-fingered blues slide guitarist, the group creates spontaneous compositions rooted in the language of the blues and free jazz.

Reverence for the roots of improvised music meets an unbridled passion to push boundaries, making for a propulsive and unpredictable sound.
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梯子 PC 推荐

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